2017 Chapter Executive Board Officers

Chapter Executive Board Officers

2017 ABWA Career Chapter Board

President                                              Gayle Smith

Vice-President                                     Jennifer Hermann

Secretary                                             Amber Gentry Oetting

Treasurer                                             Stacy Welcher

Treasurer-Elect                                   Pam Billups

Standing Committee Chairs

Professional Development Chair                Betty Barker

Fundraising/Advertising Chair                     Jennifer Hermann

Membership Chair                                           Eileen Caspers

Newsletter Chair                                              Cherie Sage

Education Chair                                                 Heidi Pickerell

Publicity Chair                                                    Pam Billups

Other Committee Chairs

Hospitality                                                           Mary Lou McPhail and Traci Herrick

Courtesy Correspondent                                 Susan Koch

Research for Woman of Distinction               Anita Wolgast

Audit                                                                     Deb McGlohon and Pam Billups

Standing Rules                                                     Betty Barker

Best Practices                                                       Eileen Caspers

Woman of the Year/Top Ten                              Angel Zimmerman