2020 April Presentation – Changing the narrative of Topeka


The greatest opportunity we have to show our appreciation for life is to serve.

Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Herron, originally from Kansas City, Kansas is a young man that is passionate about helping others transform from victim to victor. 

In his youth, he’s survived some of the most painful realities of humanity yet still walks boldly in his power. Manny was abandoned by his father, lost his brother to street violence and spent a decade of his life in federal prison. However, Mr. Herron learned to read at the age of 21, learned to speak Spanish fluently in 7 months, became a certified fitness trainer and has built a successful real estate investment business, Infinite Properties Group LLC. Emmanuel Herron is dedicated to showing youth and young adults that success is a choice and isn’t limited to your childhood environment, bad decisions or circumstances. 

Freedom and abundance comes from flipping the switch. Changing the narrative of Topeka, from problems to propertunities, stagnation, to strides. We choose how we see failure and how we can be the catalyst for success.