November – Sitting is the new Smoking

DATE: Tuesday, November 20, 2018

LOCATION: Capitol Plaza, Emerald IV Room (please note this change due to construction in our usual area)

Emerald IV will be more in the hotel area, so park accordingly

MENU: Soup and salad and yummy dessert

PROGRAM: Jane Shirley, Employer Group Wellness Coordinator, BCBS

“Sitting is the new Smoking”

RESERVATIONS: Please let me know if you will OR will NOT be attending by Thursday morning, Nov. 15TH

SPECIAL NOTE: Our Chapter usually does a philanthropic activity for the Holidays… the past we have helped:

Made a financial contribution to a non-profit organization
Supported the YWCA Women’s program through providing specific clothing items
Canned food for food pantries
Collected hats and mittens for children

President Betty is asking for your suggestions for this year and she would like you to forward your preference

to her so we can discuss it at our meeting and vote on it.

Please don’t forget the deadline for reservations and please don’t forget our “different location” in the Emerald IV Room.

We’re all gearing up for the holiday season which brings lots of stress, but I’m sure our speaker will help us with ways to

keep things under control, so don’t miss this meeting!!

Hope to see you on November 20th…….bring a guest!