2022 Woman of the Year/Top Ten Topeka Celebration

This year’s city-wide celebration of our ABWA Woman of the Year and Top Ten candidates was held April 28.  Thank you for joining us!

Our speaker, Tamika Sellars, is a new voice in the Topeka community, and we are pleased to assist this budding entrepreneur.  Her presentation, “Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude”  is guaranteed to engage, inspire, and motivate!  In it, Tamika will dive into the following points:

  • Perseverance in the Face of Failures
  • Effort as a Requirement to Build New Skills
  • The Inspiration in Other’s Success
  • Facing Challenges Head On
  • Accepting Constructive Criticism
  • The Importance of Continual Learning
  • The Power of Building on Abilities
We appreciate your support of this new entrepreneur in the Topeka scene, making her feel welcome and encouraged!  This is what ABWA is all about!