2017 October Luncheon Presentation


Associate’s Luncheon featuring Ray Reuter,

 What would make your year PERFECT?! 

It’s about CHOICE.

It’s about TIME.

It’s about SEIZING CONTROL of what you can to reach the goals and achieve the results you desire in a world that is not always “perfekt.”

Come listen to Strategic & Business Coach Ray Reuter of Kaizen share his thoughts, perspective, tools, and tips on how to make your year PERFECT … and “unfetter your potential.” 
Ray Reuter is the owner of Kaizen, Inc., a training, consulting and
personal development company that started over 15 years ago. “Kaizen”
is a business philosophy meaning continuous improvement.  Ray brings
this philosophy of continuous, ongoing improvement to individuals and
organizations by providing high performance training, personal development, and
coaching processes aimed at improving leadership, management, teams
and personal effectiveness. The outcome is unfettered potential within people and
organizations to maximize results — at work, at home, in all aspects of one’s life.
“Every day, I focus on awakening and inspiring people to achieve what’s
possible in their lives and in their workplace.” This focus leads to an
emphasis on leadership development, self-mastery, effective communication,
personal accountability, teamwork – and overall how to be and have a positive
impact in life. Ray works with individuals, small business, and Fortune 500
companies … inspiring them to do what they would not normally do on their own!
Ray is happily married to Julie, his wife of over 35 years. Julie and Ray work together
raising their five boys, four daughters-in-law, and eleven grandchildren (all within 4
½ months!). Ray is a senior co-leader for Marked Men for Christ, a Christian men’s
ministry, and active in the Ignatian Spirituality Center of KC. Ray regularly shares
thoughts and ideas to inspire and awaken at his unfettered thoughts blog.