2019 October Presentation – Creative, Compassionate Leadership

Join us for our monthly ABWA lunch meeting.

2019 Presentation-

Mea Austin
Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach
Mea works with organizations and individuals to increase profit and employee engagement, reduce
turnover and hiring costs.
Her high energy presentations feature both real-life anecdotes and research based data. Her
speaking engagements cultivate success habits, increase happiness, productivity, motivate and

“Creative, Compassionate Leadership”
Gain specific tools to hire, motivate and retain the best employees.  Create work groups and leadership teams to
encourage collaboration and reduce stress.  Adapt your leadership habits to motivate and inspire a diverse group of
individuals. Learn your specific leadership style and how to get the most out of your most precious resource – your
people. Use creativity and compassion to nurture an environment of happiness and fierce loyalty.  Do more than
lead, create a culture where people thrive.