President’s Message

Gayle Smith, ABWA Career Chapter President

August has always been “back to school” month for students. Time for students to get back to growing and learning. In the work environment, where learning and growing do not take the summer off, it can sometimes be hard to find the time or avenue for development yet it is very important. According to Harvard Health Publications, “When you exercise, you engage your muscles to help improve overall health, and the same concept applies to the brain.” So while learning keeps your brain healthy as you age, you are also more valuable to your employer when you find opportunities to focus on development.

This is why ABWA may just be right for you. ABWA Career Chapter assists in learning new skills sets, developing new relationships and providing opportunities for growth and personal development. Our chapter Vision Statement reflects just that. “The ABWA Career Chapter nurtures women and all people through its LEGACY: Leadership, Education, Growth – personal and professional; Awards and Achievement recognition; Community presence; and saying Yes to the principle and practices of the ABWA.


Join us sometime for a monthly chapter meeting to see if ABWA is right for you.