Scholarship Luncheon

Woman of Distinction Luncheon

Historically, ABWA Career Chapter has held a luncheon in March to honor a local Woman of Distinction.  This event raised funds for our scholarships that we award to Washburn University and Washburn Institute of Technology.

Over 38 years of this event, we have been able to provide $10,000-$12,000/yr in scholarships to area students to assist them in reaching their higher education goals. The luncheon has now funded well over $365,000 in scholarships.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to hold our event recently, and will not be able to again in 2021.  We have continued to support women with scholarships during this time, albeit at a reduced capacity.  We invite you to help us this year continue our tradition of helping women attain higher education with a donation.  Please click here for a brief overview of our accomplishments over the years.  If you need the charitable donation tax write-off, please send a check made out to the Topeka Community Foundation to:

ABWA Career Chapter
PO Box 2221
Topeka, KS  66601

If you don’t require the tax write-off, and prefer the convenience of an online donation, we invite you to do so here:


Our Past Honorees:

• 1983 Kay Kruse
• 1984 Joann Davis-McKinney
• 1985 Georgia Neese-Gray
• 1986 Peggy Greene
• 1987 Nancy Kassebaum Baker
• 1988 Irene Nunemaker
• 1989 Helen Hocker
• 1990 Harriet Lerner
• 1991 Marge Selby
• 1992 Kay Houser
• 1993 Velma Paris
• 1994 Marg Roberts
• 1995 Neta Pollom Jeffus
• 1996 Rita Wolf
• 1997 Jayne Cafer
• 1998 Joan Wagnon
• 1999 Nancy Perry
• 2000 Marilyn Ault
2001 Blanche C. Parks
2002 Anita Wolgast
2003 Connie Hubbell
2004 Alicia Salisbury
2005 Pamela Johnson Betts
2006 Linda D. Elrod
2007 Susan Garlinghouse
2008 Gov. Kathleen Sebelius
2009 Marjorye Savage Heeney
2010 Martha Bartlett Piland
2011 Beth Fager
2012 Carol Wheeler
2013 June Windscheffel
2014 Christel Marquardt
2015 Dr. Brenda Dietrich
2016 Dr. Grace Morrison

• 2017 Linda P. Jeffrey
• 2018 Karren Weichert